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White Sox Rumors: John Danks Not Worrying About Trade Talk

White Sox lefthander John Danks' name has come up a lot in various trade rumors this offseason as general manager Ken Williams is actively shopping a number of players on his roster in an effort to remake the team. But Danks hasn't been sent anywhere yet, and he told the Sun-Times' Joe Cowley in an interview that he's "not losing an ounce of sleep" over the situation. He's also heard about the king's ransom Williams has been asking teams in return for Danks:

"More than anything, this is the business of baseball,’’ Danks said. "I don’t blame Kenny for trying to get as much as he can. I took that as him being early in the process. I took it as him throwing feelers out there.’’

It's still possible for Danks to stay in Chicago for the long term, though he says the White Sox have yet to get serious about a contract extension.

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