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Gavin Floyd Donates $21,000 To A College Student In Need

Gavin Floyd's generous donation helps a college student in need.

Trinity (Fla.) College student Tim Smith has a rare genetic disorder that left him without legs. Chicago White Sox pitcher Gavin Floyd and his wife live in the area during the offseason, and when they learned that Smith had a long way to go to raise enough money for a new and very expensive set of prosthetic legs, they decided they would give him the money he needed, which amounted to $21,000.

"We talked about it, prayed about it, and just felt led to do it," Gavin Floyd says. "To know what he's achieved in his life really moved us."

The Floyds made the donation without ever having met Tim. Earlier this month, the couple came to campus to meet him for the first time. They brought a signed jersey and baseball glove; Tim brought Trinity College sweatshirts and a thank-you card. He gave them a demonstration of his new prostheses and told them he didn't have to contend with blisters anymore.


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