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Draft Pick Compensation Is Uncertain For White Sox If Buehrle Signs With Another Team

As the NBA labor dispute continues to grab headlines around the sports world, the owners and players in Major League Baseball are also negotiating their next collective bargaining agreement with a fraction of the drama. The new deal is set to be announced on Tuesday. The Tribune's Mark Gonzalez writes that one issue that could change is draft pick compensation for Type B free agents that sign with different teams The Chicago White Sox have a likely one in veteran starting lefty Mark Buehrle, who's already drawn interest from a number of clubs. Gonzalez breaks down MB56's situation:

The Sox have until Wednesday night to offer arbitration to Buehrle. The offer would give the Sox at least some hope of retaining Buehrle, but he is likely to reject it and would have until Dec. 7 to decide if the Sox offer arbitration.

Buehrle is a 2005 World Series hero and a major fan favorite in Chicago, but it appears he will probably price himself out of the White Sox's budget.

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