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White Sox Fans, Proceed With Caution Before Reading



As a huge White Sox fan, when I saw the above picture it leads to the following reaction: Vomit.  Yes I know that there have been players that have worn uniforms on both sides of town. Sammy Sosa, George Bell, Ron Santo, Juan Pierre, Matt Karchner, Will Ohman, and so on and so on. Just thinking of Mark Buehrle pitching for the Cubs just seems wrong.


I know the odds of Buehrle returning to the South Side are slim at best. Baseball is a business, the Sox are over budget, and a left handed starter that is never hurt and will give you 200 innings a season isn't cheap. Of all possible destinations would it have to be the Cubs?


Along with Paul Konerko, Mark Buehrle has been the face of the franchise for a decade and the thought of him in Cubbie Blue is nauseating.  Cub fans I'm sure you'd welcome Buehrle with open arms and love him immediately. Before doing so imagine Ernie Banks or Ryne Sandberg in White Sox black and you know exactly how I feel.