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Mark Buehrle Wins Third Consecutive Gold Glove Award

Chicago White Sox pitcher (and possible soon-to-be free agent) Mark Buehrle has won his third consecutive Gold Glove award, as Rawlings announced this year's winners on Tuesday. Buehrle is the lone American League holdover from last year's award winners, as well as the only player from either Chicago team to be honored.

Buehrle, 32, has long been considered one of the better defensive pitchers in the game, known for limiting the running game and working quickly. He made 31 starts for the White Sox in 2011, passing the 200-inning threshold for the 11th consecutive season.

He's due to be a free agent in a few days when MLB's offseason begins, but there's a good chance that he returns to the White Sox at this point. He hasn't pitched for anyone else in his extended career, and one of the few other teams that he's voiced interest in, the St. Louis Cardinals, already has its entire 2012 rotation locked up.

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