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Baseball Winter Meetings: Kerry Wood Will Not Be A White Sox

Via Joe Cowley, White Sox beat writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, we learn via tweet that Kerry Wood will not be going to the White Sox:

Sox-Woods rumors were just blown-up by a source. Sox feel Wood is too expensive even if they don’t get Konerko.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Hey, Joe? It’s “Wood”, not “Woods”. Anyway, that doesn’t leave too many options for the former Cub righthander. He can either stay in New York — a distinct possibility, given, as noted earlier, his good relationship with Yankees manager Joe Girardi, or, if the money is right, re-sign with the Cubs, who let him go two years ago.

Wood’s wife’s family is from the Chicago area and he still has quite a number of ties to the city. It would make sense for that reason, and also from a Cubs standpoint. The Cubs could use another solid setup reliever — if they signed Wood, they could then consider moving Andrew Cashner to the starting rotation and trading Tom Gorzelanny for help elsewhere.

Wood is also known as a team leader and great clubhouse presence, something the Cubs could sorely use.