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Sox Sign Veteran Vizquel To 2011 Contract

The White Sox announced today that they are re-signing infielder Omar Vizquel to a one-year contract for the 2011 season; it'll be for $1.75 million.


Despite his age -- he'll be 44 on April 24 -- Vizquel had a productive season at the bat and in the field for the Sox in 2010. He hit .276/.341/.331, his best offensive season in four years, and played well at three infield positions, second base, shortstop and third base. He even stole 11 bases, which is the most ever for a player 43 or older in a season.


But most importantly, Vizquel served as a mentor for some of the White Sox' younger middle infielders, sort of a player/coach. He'll be valuable in that role again in 2011. His next hit will be the 2800th of his major league career; he had 95 hits in 2010 so he could approach the 2900-hit level by the end of 2011 if he gets as much playing time as he did this year.