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Kenny Williams, Revisionist Historian

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Sox GM Kenny Williams, quoted by the Tribune's Mark Gonzales on Manny Ramirez:

"As soon as Manny walked through the door, I noticed a little life to the team," Williams said. "That's one thing we wanted to give the team a little of, a little backing from the front office that we still believe in you guys. Here's how much you believe in you guys and here's what we're willing to invest to do that.↵

↵"Initially he did. It manifest itself in terms of him actually doing the things on the field and off. But I think his presence helped others in the lineup, particularly the guys hitting in front of him. And it was just a matter of him not having enough at-bats before getting over to us, and not getting that Manny Ramirez dangerous timing down. But I don't begrudge him, he worked hard. He helped a lot of the other guys. People don't realize that.↵

↵"That helped a lot of the other guys with their approach and helped with their thinking with them that, and he was a good citizen so if the criticism comes my way for going out and getting a guy to make an impact and it turns out he didn't make the impact everyone thought, I'll take that because we went out and tried to do what we do. We gave it a shot."


Wow, that's a lot of doublespeak. The bottom line is, Manny had two extra-base hits (a double and a homer) and two RBI in 88 plate appearances for the Sox, and they went 11-13 in the 24 games he played. Why can't you just admit you made a mistake, Kenny? That you should have gone after bullpen help when the Sox most needed it?


As for Manny, I can't imagine anyone signing him past this season.