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Fire Names Klopas Head Coach

The Chicago Fire have officially named Frank Klopas their head coach. Klopas had been the teams interim coach since May, and after a slow start the Fire started playing much better with Klopas at the helm.


In a statement from Fire owner Andrew Hauptman, "Frank is the best person to lead our young men to achieve success on the pitch and beyond," Hauptman said in a statement. "Since we brought him back to the Fire ranks a few years ago, he has shown an incredible commitment to building the kind of club and team we strive for."


Klopas will be the sixth coach in team history and seems very happy to get the job, "This is my team, my city, my club," Klopas said in a statement "I am extremely grateful to the Fire organization and our owner, Andrew Hauptman, for giving me this tremendous responsiblity to lead my hometown side."