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Adam Greenberg Isn't Giving Up Dream Of Again Reaching Majors

Former Chicago Cubs outfielder Adam Greenberg has a film and website partially devoted to his attempted comeback. Greenberg was given his first, and only, MLB plate appearance on July 9, 2005, when he was hit in the head by a Valerio de los Santos pitch. As a result, Greenberg suffered from vertigo and never recorded an official at-bat. He later had stints in the minors for the Dodgers, Royals, and Angels but never returned to the majors.

Greenberg hasn't played affiliated baseball since 2008 but is hoping for another shot. After three years with the independent league Bridgeport Bluefish, he is taking this year off, but is going to play for Team Israel as they attempt to qualify for the World Baseball Classic.

Greenberg's story is highlighted by Matt Liston, producer of the ESPN "30 for 30" film "Catching Hell," who has started a campaign called "One At-Bat," attempting to get Greenberg an at-bat in the Cubs' final series of the season.

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