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Adam Greenberg Never To Return As A Cub

Adam Greenberg, whose major league career began and ended with the Chicago Cubs in one at-bat on July 7, 2005, will not be returning with the team to double his mark in the record book. Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told the Chicago Tribune the team has no interest in bringing back Greenberg for "One At-Bat," though a campaign to get Greenberg back to the big leagues gathered more than 10,000 signatures.

Greenberg said he understands the team's decision - a move to get Greenberg an at-bat would require designating an active player for assignment - though he sounded as if it was still something he hopes happens, a lot:

"Would they just throw me out there? No," he said. "Would they bring back Roger Clemens for just one game to delay his Hall of Fame vote? Yes. There’s no difference, though, as a publicity stunt."

If Greenberg, 31, does not find another team to give him an at-bat, he will retire with an on-base percentage of 1.000. The video of his big league career, ended by a Valerios de los Santos fastball, is after the jump.