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Cubs GM Theo Epstein Levels With Fans

As another disappointing season for the Chicago Cubs nears its end, general manager Theo Epstein reminded the team's passionate fan base on Friday that the rebuilding project he is undertaking is a slow process and could continue well into 2013, according to an article written by Doug Padilla of

Entering Friday, the Cubs are second-to-last in the National League Central division at 56-87, yet, according to the article, Chicago's attendance to date is good for sixth-best in the National League, as 2.47 million fans have walked through the gates into Wrigley Field.

It appears clear that fans won't stop going to Cubs games, and Epstein is working to give them a winner. However, from the article, he stressed the importance of patience:

I think obviously we really care about our fans and we want them to have a great experience, but we're trying to be transparent about it. We have a plan and we have a vision and it won't happen overnight, but given the way of things I think this is the best way to go.

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