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Anthony Rizzo, Brett Jackson In Good Shape After Scary Crashes

Chicago Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo got tangled up in a scary collision with Houston Astros prospect Brett Wallace at first base on Tuesday night, but everything appears to be fine. In a stroke of good luck, the same thing goes for outfielder Brett Jackson, who is working back from a bruised right knee and should be back in the lineup on Friday with Rizzo.

To recap the situation for the Cubs' first baseman, Rizzo collided with Wallace during a ground ball play to second base in the bottom of the third inning. The throw came in high to Wallace, and when he jumped to coral the ball his leg hit Rizzo. The contact led Rizzo to plant his foot awkwardly on the first base bag, and the maneuver sent him flying into the air before he landed on his right shoulder. He left the game after that episode, but told reporters that he escaped with just a bruised shoulder.

Here is exactly what Rizzo had to say about his collision at first base on Tuesday night:

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