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MLB August Trade Rumors: Matt Garza, Alfonso Soriano Still Candidates To Be Moved

The MLB trade deadline is one of the most furiously covered events in the sport, but the funny thing is that it isn't actually the hard deadline for when players can move between teams. After July 31, players can only be traded if they clear waivers first, and there are various players in the majors who would almost certainly pass through waivers without being claimed.

A few of them happen to reside on the Cubs, namely Alfonso Soriano and Matt Garza. Today,'s Joe Sheehan addressed the chances of a few players getting moved in August, Soriano and Garza among them. Here is what Sheehan thinks of Soriano, who may be unlikely to be traded:

The best chance the Cubs had to get out from under the last two years of Soriano's deal (he's owed $36 million in 2013 and '14) may have been to attach him to Dempster. With that option gone, perhaps they'll try to do the same with Garza. Even his best season since 2008 hasn't much altered Soriano's market value, so it will take a team desperate for righthanded power -- or a right-handed starter.

Chance of being dealt: 25%

Here is his assessment of Garza:

The challenge will be getting Garza through waivers, which seems unlikely, so Jed Hoyer will be left to work out a deal with whatever team claims him. It could happen; as we saw at the deadline, the Cubs aren't kidding about their rebuilding effort, as they made three deals turning four major leaguers into five prospects.

Sheehan believes that the chances of Garza being dealt are somewhere around 30%.

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