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Home Run Derby 2012: Prince Fielder Takes Home Second Career Derby Title

Prince Fielder may not be living up to his $214 million contract with the Detroit Tigers this season, but the old Prince was on display in Kansas City on Monday night during the 2012 Home Run Derby. Fielder hit 28 total bombs on the night to defeat some of his fellow premier sluggers and take home his second career Derby title.

Fielder, though, started the night off slow. In the contest's first round, Fielder only hit five homers, barely sneaking into the second round ahead of cuts Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Gonzalez. But from there, Fielder left the competition in the dust, hitting 23 total homers in the final two rounds to knock out Carlos Beltran, Mark Trumbo and eventually Jose Bautista. Bautista started off the night on fire, smashing 11 bombs, but he proved to have the opposite trajectory of Fielder, as he only hit 9 total homers in the last two frames.

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