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Chicago Cubs News: Alfonso Soriano To Get More Rest In Second Half

The Chicago Cubs will enter the second half with the second worst record in baseball. Their priorities will be different than most teams, as winning games may eventually take a backseat to getting extended looks at players that may be part of the franchise for an extended period moving forward. Alfonso Soriano, who is signed through the 2014 season despite dwindling skills, is not likely to be one of those players, and as such, his playing time may be cut in favor of younger players.

Soriano is also getting older, and after finishing the first half in 4-for-23 slump at the plate, Cubs manager Dale Sveum noted that he needed to give the left fielder more days off in the second half:

"His presence in the lineup -- we know he's streaky -- but his presence brings a lot," Sveum said Sunday. "He's played pretty dang good defense out there. I've got to find a few more spots to give him days off."


In both 2011 and 2010, Soriano was a better hitter in the first half than the second, though not by a drastic margin in either year.

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