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Home Run Derby 2012: Contenstants, TV Schedule, Start Time And More

The MLB All-Star break festivities continue on Monday with the 2012 Home Run Derby. This year's competition features the following contestants:

American League
Robinson Cano (team captain)
Jose Bautista
Prince Fielder
Mark Trumbo

National League
Matt Kemp (team captain)
Carlos Beltran
Carlos Gonzalez
Andrew McCutchen

McCutchen is the replacement for Giancarlo Stanton, who has been forced to sit out the derby because of injury.

Cano won the 2011 Home Run Derby, edging Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox. Prince Fielder won this competition back in 2009, when he was still with the Milwaukee Brewers. Matt Kemp and Jose Bautista both competed in 2011, though neither player advanced past the first round.

HR Derby Date & Time: Monday, June 9,7:00 p.m. CT


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