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Cubs Hitting Coach: James Rowson To Be 'Highly Considered' For 2013 Opening

The Chicago Cubs sport one of the worst offenses in the league. And though the blame for that problem can likely be spread among many different sources, the Cubs' hitting coach has been of particular focus in the 2012 MLB season. On June 12, the Cubs fired highly-touted hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo and replaced him with minor league hitting coordinator James Rowson.

And according to Cubs manager Dale Sveum, Rowson could have an inside track to securing the job for good:

"No question about it," Sveum said. "Anything like that, it's labeled interim, but he's going to be highly considered."

The Cubs have not noticeably improved under the new hitting scoring, scoring at an identical pace as before his arrival, but Chicago may choose to stick with Rowson if his approach matches the organization's overall philosophy.

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