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MLB All-Star Game Voting Results 2012: Jake Peavy Still Trailing Yu Darvish On Final Day

Chicago White Sox starter Jake Peavy is still chasing Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish for the final spot on the American League All-Star team, as voting for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City continues up until the 3 p.m. deadline on Thursday. With less than eight hours to go, the race has tightened but Darvish still holds the lead with more than 40 million total votes already counted.

Here are the AL voting standings as of 7:46 a.m. CT from The final deadline for votes is 3 p.m. CT on Thursday afternoon.

American League
1. Yu Darvish (TEX) - #VoteYu
2. Jake Peavy (CWS) - #TakeJake
3. Jason Hammel (BAL) - #VoteHammel
4. Jonathan Broxton (KC) - #VoteBroxton
5. Ernesto Frieri (LAA) - #VoteFrieri

The White Sox currently have three representatives -- Chris Sale, Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn -- but Peavy still has a chance to make the roster as well. To vote for Peavy on Twitter, be sure to use the #TakeJake hashtag in your tweet to @MLB between the hours of 11 a.m. CT and the 3 p.m. deadline. You can also visit the 2012 All-Star Game Final Vote page.

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