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Ryan Dempster Trade Rumors: Braves May Still Pursue Cubs Pitcher

The Chicago Cubs tried to trade SP Ryan Dempster to the Atlanta Braves on Monday, getting so far as leaked reports of a completed trade. But the trade dissipated as quickly as it appeared, and by Wednesday, the Braves had moved on.

But now, Danny Knobler of CBS Sports is reported the Braves may still yet be in the hunt for the veteran righty:

Dempster never directly said that he wouldn't go to the Braves, but he also never approved the deal that the two teams reached last week. While that trade isn't still on the table, it still seems clear that the Braves are willing to offer more for Dempster than the Dodgers are.

Dempster, 35, has a 2.25 ERA and 3.41 FIP through 104 innings, and as a 10-year veteran with 5 years on the Cubs, he has the right to veto any trade involving himself.

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