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So Call Me, Maybe: Cubs Ball Girl Gives Out Her Digits (VIDEO)

It has been widely publicized that Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts met his wife in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. This is not an odd occurrence. Many believe Wrigley is more of a party and/or dive/singles bar than an actual baseball stadium. People go there, get boozy, yell stuff and, maybe -- just maybe -- meet the future Mr. or Mrs. Drunk Person At Wrigley Field. Until they get divorced, that is, leaving each party in financial ruin, forcing them to move to the South Side and become White Sox fans. It's called the circle of life. A lion taught me that.

Typically this kind of serendipity is saved for the bleachers or the Captain Morgan Club, not for on the field itself. That changed on Monday night when one very frisky Cubs ball girl asked someone (lets just assume it's Bryan LaHair, because why not?) to Call [Her] Maybe, writing down and handing out her digits to a security guard to give to one lucky genteman. Video and Bob Brenley's reaction following the jump.

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