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SB Nation Weekly GIF Series Features Chicago Cubs CF Tony Campana Being Ridiculous

SB Nation's Jon Bois has long been a champion of gloriously strange and awkward animated sports GIFs, and Chicago Cubs center-fielder Tony Campana made an appearance in his recurring This Week in GIFs series over at Campana makes the cut for his spectacular slide over the tag of the third baseman in a game against the Houston Astros, which he followed up with a nice celebratory first-pump. Take a look at the play below:



(Via Baseball Nation)

Bois can't remember anything quite like it, but he also takes some time to (rightly) rail on MLB Advanced Media for stripping the internet of any and all competing or analogous plays in their drive to eliminate third-party video highlights of MLB action.

In any case, Campana's slide is up against some stiff competition, and voting is open right now, so be sure to check out the full GIF post right now and lay down a vote for Campana and the Cubs.

For updates, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. For more in-depth coverage, head over to Cubs blog Bleed Cubbie Blue. For more from around Major League Baseball, visit Baseball Nation.