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Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts Still Hopes To Work With Mayor Rahm Emanuel On Wrigley Field Renovations

The Chicago Cubs have proposed a $300 million public-private plan to renovate Wrigley Field, but the team still needs the help of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to get it done. One problem: Emanuel, the former chief of staff for President Barack Obama, didn't like hearing about a Republican Super PAC headed by Joe Ricketts, billionaire father to Cubs owner Tom Ricketts, that planned to launch a nasty smear campaign this fall against Obama and his re-election campaign.

Tom Ricketts and the rest of the Cubs have tried to distance themselves from the Super PAC since the initial New York Times report, but Ricketts seems aware he's facing an uphill battle to renovate Wrigley. Here's what he told Roe & Roeper" on WLS-AM 890:

"The mayor has got a lot on his plate. Whenever we get around to talking about that, that's fine with me. I'm cool with whatever timing works. It's just a matter of we've just got to kind of get through this and get it behind us."

Here's another fun tidbit from ESPN Chicago:

Asked Wednesday why he hasn't returned Ricketts' call, Emanuel, who dealt with the NATO Summit in Chicago over the weekend, smiled and walked out of his news conference, the Sun-Times reported.

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