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Wrigley Field Renovations: Gov. Pat Quinn 'Not Excited' About Cubs Renovations Plans

The Chicago Cubs continue to ply the government for funding. The Cubs, who hope to conduct considerable renovations to the 98-year-old stadium, got some dour pronouncement from the state governor on Monday morning:

"Well I'm not excited about [the renovations] at all. Our State has severe fiscal challenges so the very idea of the State of Illinois spending millions and millions of dollars on Wrigley Field, I don't think that's in the cards at all. [The Ricketts family] bought the team and they should make the lion's share of the investment to fix up the park."

The Ricketts family has already renovated Wrigley Field in several phases, upgrading the clubhouses and repairing structural concerns early in their tenure as owner, and then installing an LED scoreboard in right field at the beginning of this season.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual has previously indicated the renovations agreement is in the "final stages" of negotiation, but the latest news from Quinn appears to contradict that impression. The Ricketts responded to Quinn's statement Monday afternoon, suggesting they were already committing considerable funds:

"The Ricketts family agrees with the governor and is working with city, county and state government leaders to invest significant levels of private and family dollars to preserve and improve Wrigley Field and create thousands of jobs."

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