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That Awesome Chicago Themed New Era Commercial Was Not Actually Filmed In Chicago

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Filming in real locations is expensive. Just ask the producers of Gilmore Girls. The show's primary set was of the town square in Stars Hollow, Connecticut. In actuality, the town square was on the back lot of the Warner Brother's studio located in LA. You may notice a striking resemblance to the town square in The Music Man. They are the same thing. I know this because I am a huge GG fan, because I have real human emotions. Hollywood magic is assumed. TV shows and movies aren't expected to be filmed in exact locations. A reasonable amount of belief is supposed to be suspended.

But when I found out the super cool New Era commercial about the Cubs/White Sox rivalry featuring my hero, Nick Offerman, and TV personality, Craig Robinson, was not filmed IN Chicago, but in Hoboken, I was livid. HOW DARE YOU NOT FILM IN CHICAGO, NEW ERA. HOW DARE YOU! This isn't a stupid TV show about girls talking really fast, this is a REAL LIFE rivalry that induces fights, statue vandalization and Chevy Camaro commercials. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, PEOPLE.

I don't know anything about Hoboken. Lets do a quick google search.... NEW JERSEY? Hoboken is in NEW JERSEY? Oh, come on. I could of dealt with New York, but New Jersey? I feel dirty. Betrayed. I feel like a Cubs fan.

Anyway, the non-Chicago bar in this BS commercial is called "The Dividing Line". What's it really called, Internet? Via Deadspin:

Eagle-eyed reader Michael noted that he was familiar with the tavern standing in for The Dividing Line, and it's actually Hoboken dive bar Stinky Sullivan's, at the corner of Washington & Sixth:

Sigh. What's Stinky Sullivan's like, Michael?

"...pretty awesome with an outstanding jukebox."

Great. I guess Mullen's was busy that day, or something.

If you haven't seen the misleading ad, here you go:

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