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Cubs Win World Series: 'MLB 12: The Show' Ruins My Day

It's easy to be a Cubs fan. We've got Wrigley Field, Wrigleyville, beer AND TWINS! However, rooting for the Cubs is super hard. Like, historically hard. Therefore, when fellow SBN Chicago'er, Bobby "Lush" Loesch, and a friend, Luke Sassano, passed along MLB 12: The Show's new commercial featuring the Cubs winning the World Series and Chicago's reaction to it (pure bedlam) simultaneously, my initial reaction was to simply ignore it. "I don't need that," I told myself. "It will hurt too much." But I couldn't resist. Being a Northside fan also means massive amounts of self-loathing, therefore, I had to watch it. So I did.

To experience disgust, momentary joy, and then a whole lot more disgust, please watch the video following the jump.

"So real, it's unreal."

Sigh. This seems like a really bad year for The Show franchise to drop this kind of commercial on the world when you consider PECOTA is projecting the Cubs to win roughly 74.5 games this year. Then again, they got me talking about the game, so they win, I guess. Congrats MLB 12: The Show, you ruined my day/season/life.

Author's note: Fine. I'll admit it. The Wiener Circle scene is pretty awesome.

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