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Theo Epstein Compensation: Boston Could Try To Re-Open Talks After Carpenter Surgery

Frustrated by the emergence of a right elbow injury that's ultimately required surgery on reliever Chris Carpenter, the pitcher acquired from the Chicago Cubs as part of the compensation for Theo Epstein, the Boston Red Sox don't consider talks about the compensation to be over now.

According to a source that's spoken with Michael Silverman of the Boston Globe, folks in Boston don't see the negotiations for Epstein's compensation to be over:

The club is weighing its options about what to do next, said the source. This raises the specter that the Red Sox believe the possibility exists that Carpenter was injured when he was traded to them on Feb. 21. A baseball source indicated that the teams agree that that there was no intent or prior knowledge by the Cubs that misled the Red Sox about Carpenter’s condition.

In addition to receiving Carpenter, the Red Sox swapped first baseman Jair Bogaerts for Cubs pitcher Aaron Kurcz. Neither of the pitchers that Boston received would be considered a top prospect, but there's never been a precedent for teams receiving that kind of return for executives.

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