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Theo Epstein Compensation: Cubs Receive 1B Jair Bogaerts From Red Sox

The Chicago Cubs have hopefully closed the final chapter of the Theo Epstein compensation talks. According to Adam Hoge of CBS Sports, the Boston Red Sox have sent 18-year-old 1B Jair Bogaerts to Chicago:

Bogaerts played in 46 Rookie League games in 2011, hitting an impressive .291/.392/.411 slash with 2 home runs. With only two rookie-league seasons under his belt, Bogaerts is likely years away from reaching the majors.

The Cubs previously sent prospect C+ SP Christopher Carpenter to the Red Sox after weeks of debate between the two franchises. Epstein left the Red Sox organization before the conclusion of his contract, but the unprecedented transition resulted in protracted compensation talks that eventually had to be settled with the help of commissioner Bud Selig.

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