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Cubs Spring Training 2012: Kerry Wood, Marcos Mateo Dealing With Injuries

The Chicago Cubs are trying to get their bullpen situation established for the upcoming season, but injuries continue to take a toll on the flexibility that the team will have. According to Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago, Cubs relievers Kerry Wood and Marcos Mateo are expected to miss some time this spring as they recover from injuries.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum spoke with some reporters for a short period about the injuries, including Wood's back issues.

(Wood is OK) besides the back, but other than that he's been fine. The back always flares up once in a while but it's not a concern now. It's fine... There's no issue, it's just mainly backing him off and getting him a couple more outings before the season starts

Wood dealt with back issues during the 2010 season, so the Cubs may be treading on some thin ice here with the oft-injured pitcher. Sveum also said that Mateo will be shut down for at least ten days, guaranteeing that he won't be able to make the Opening Day roster.

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