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Theo Epstein Compensation: Boston Will Receive Better Player In Swap Of PTBNL's To Complete Deal

Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer told ESPN's Jim Bowden on Wednesday that the Boston Red Sox will receive the "slightly better player" in the future trade of yet-to-be-named players that will finally complete the compensation for Theo Epstein's move to Chicago.

The Red Sox have already received relief pitcher Chris Carpenter from the Cubs as part of the compensation for allowing Epstein to leave Boston despite still being under contract, but the two sides also agreed to swap players at a future date to complete the deal.

While it's still unclear when that move will take place, it's been said that the deal should happen before Spring Training is over. At this point, names that could be going either way in the trade haven't been publicly discussed yet, but it's reasonable to assume that major pieces won't be on the move.

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