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Cubs Spring Training 2012: Stadium, Cactus League Map And More

Spring Training has arrived! The Chicago Cubs have officially begun their post-winter camp in Arizona, and the team is now weeks away from playing Cactus League exhibition games at Hohokam Park in Mesa, Arizona.

Planning on joining the Cubs for a game or two this season? Well, be sure to know the layout of Phoenix and its outlying towns. Here is a map courtesy of


The Cubs start up their Hohokam games on Sunday, March 4, with a matchup against the Oakland Athletics. Ticket prices vary from $8 on the low end to $28 for premium games.

Some important tips for the curious game goers:

  • Children under the age of 3 do not need tickets -- if they are on a parent's lap -- but children do not otherwise get a discount.
  • The stadium is accessible to persons with handicaps.
  • Sections 200 through 212 and 2011 through 211 tend to get the most shade.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the parking lot (for tailgating).
  • Prohibited items in the stadium:
    -- chairs
    -- umbrellas
    -- food
    -- beverages
    -- coolers
    -- large bags
    -- and, obviously, alcohol
For more on the offseason, stay tuned to SB Nation Chicago. For more from around baseball, head over to Baseball Nation. To keep track of all rumors and happenings in the game, check out MLB Daily Dish.