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Theo Epstein Compensation Deal For 'One Quality Minor Leaguer' Is Close, According To Report

Another day, another promise that the dispute between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox over the compensation due for Theo Epstein is nearing a resolution. Gordon Edes of is reporting that the Cubs and Red Sox are close to a deal to send 'one quality minor leaguer ' to Boston. In his article, he also cites a source saying the player will be 'a legitimate big-league prospect,' and here is the original tweet :

Epstein, the current President of Baseball Operations for the Cubs, was released from the final year of his contract with the Boston Red Sox and allowed to leave for Chicago in exchange for some compensation, but the issue exact for of the exact consideration in the deal has still not been resolved. MLB commissioner Bud Selig first involved himself in the process several weeks ago when the two organizations failed to reach an agreement on their own.

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