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2012 Cubs Offseason: Jorge Soler Signing Rumors 'Are Ludicrous,' According To Report

The Cuban free agent Jorge Soler has not agreed to terms with the Chicago Cubs, reports David Kaplan of CSN Chicago:

...[A]ccording to a highly placed source, talk of [Soler] already agreeing to a deal with the Cubs are not accurate and the reports from the Dominican Republic of a four-year deal for 27.5 million dollars with Chicago are ludicrous.

Word broke Thursday night that the Cubs had a four-year, $27 million contract prepared for when Soler finished the paperwork to officially become an MLB a free agent; however, it appears the competition for the Cuban star is still unfinished.

Kaplan lists the Cubs, New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers and Miami Marlins among the teams pursuing Soler. The 19-year-old outfielder is widely believe to be the last remaining top free agent in a strong 2012 Latin American class.

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