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Alex Gonzalez still thinks about 'Bartman Game'

Former Chicago Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez reflects on the infamous 'Bartman Game'

Jonathan Daniel

Former Chicago Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez reflected on his role in the infamous 'Bartman Game' that cost the 2003 Chicago Cubs a shot at the World Series.

With the Cubs leading in Game 6 of the NLCS against the Florida Marlins, fan Steve Bartman made contact with a foul ball that prevented Moises Alou from catching the ball. On the next play Gonzalez botched a potential double-play ball and the Marlins would go on to win the game, the series, and the World Series.

Gonzalez said the situation was "tough all the way around, for everybody," but he tries not to think too much about his error. He did admit that anytime his career is brought up, that game always comes up, but he tries to focus on the positives of that team. Gonzalez, who is now a player agent, says that he always gets a positive reaction when he meets Cub fans. Gonzalez last played in 2006 as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.