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Chicago Cubs could trade Carlos Marmol, Alfonso Soriano

The Chicago Cubs will listen to trade offers for Carlos Marmol and Alfonso Soriano.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

With baseball's Winter Meetings underway in Nashville, the Chicago Cubs will listen to trade offers for several players, including closer Carlos Marmol and left fielder Alfonso Soriano.

The Cubs asked Marmol to waive his no-trade clause last month as they pursued pitcher Dan Haren of the Los Angeles Angels. The deal for Haren fell through, but Marmol is still on the trading block. He is entering the last year of his contract with the Cubs and has served as their closer for the last four seasons. Last year he posted a 3.42 ERA with 20 saves.

Soriano has been with the Cubs since 2007 and has a no-trade clause of his own. General manager Theo Epstein said Soriano has been excellent for Chicago, but he is open to trading Soriano if the right deal comes along. Soriano had one of his best seasons over the past couple years last season. He hit 32 home runs and 108 RBIs and a .821 OPS.