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Chicago Cubs not expected to sign high-profile outfielder

The Chicago Cubs are unlikely to sign a big-name outfielder and will instead search for short-term solutions until younger players advance.


Despite being linked to some of the top free agents available, the Chicago Cubs are unlikely to sign any high-profile outfielders, according to a report from ESPN Chicago.

The Cubs were rumored to be interested in free agent Michael Bourn, but according to the report the chances of Chicago signing Bourn are "remote." Instead, the Cubs are expected to sign a player who can fill in until prospects in the minor-league system are ready to break through into the major leagues.

Cubs president of baseball operations Theo Epstein said the outfield free-agent market is beginning to come into focus. Even though the Cubs aren't expected to be in on any of the top names in the outfield market, Epstein said Chicago would look at all of the options and wouldn't rule out a multiyear deal.

Chicago has some flexibility in who they add, as they can play David DeJesus in either right or center field. Epstein said that flexibility allows the Cubs to expand their search and not just focus on adding a center fielder.