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Chicago Cubs' Matt Garza gets an assist on Edwin Jackson signing

If you listen to Matt Garza long enough, he might just persuade you to move to Chicago.

Scott Cunningham

Apparently Matt Garza can be quite convincing when he wants to be, as he reportedly played a huge role in luring the newly signed Edwin Jackson to Chicago, according to an interview with CSN Chicago's David Kaplan.

Jackson, who knows Garza from their time together in Tampa Bay, reached out to the Cubs' ace to clear up some concerns about playing in Wrigley Field and how to handle those day games. Here's what Garza relayed to him:

"I told Edwin that he has to approach the season in spring training mode, where everything is day baseball," Garza said. "He also has to be ready to handle 80 degree temperatures in Arizona and then 30's and 40's in Chicago and the Midwest.


"I also told him that as a father [Jackson and his wife have a young son], that he will love day games because he will be home to have dinner with his family and he can take his kids to school when we are on a homestand. I told him he would love playing in Chicago."

One hell of a sell, right? Apparently it did the trick, too, because Jackson decided to ink a four-year, $52 million deal with the Cubs despite the team's rebuilding status. While most are probably overlooking his deal with Chicago, Jackson's signing is a huge get for team president Theo Epstein as he looks to put the Cubs back on the map with some big-time free agents.

If Epstein isn't careful, though, Garza might just steal his job.