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Chicago Cubs shopped Alfonso Soriano to Houston Astros

The Cubs are still trying to trade Alfonso Soriano, but haven't found any takers yet.

David Banks

Looking to shed at least part of the outfielder's substantial contract, the Chicago Cubs shopped Alfonso Soriano to the Houston Astros as a possible DH option recently, CBS Sports' Danny Knobler reports. He says that the Astros don't have enough money to complete the deal even with Chicago contributing cash.

Previous reports have stated that the Cubs are willing to eat as much as $26 million of the $36 million that's currently owed to him through 2014, but that would likely require the team receiving Soriano to give up some pretty good young talent.

After seemingly being in decline, the 36-year-old Soriano rebounded with an impressive performance in 2012, batting .262/.322/.499 with 32 home runs while playing solid defense in left field. Most teams are still hesitant to acquire him given the price tag, but it's obvious that he is one of the better power hitters on the market this offseason.