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Cubs, White Sox ready for busy offseason

The Cubs and White Sox are already in discussions with other teams regarding possible trades, and the teams have also been active in talking to free agents.


The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox plan to be active on the trade and free agent markets this offseason, writes Dave Van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune.

Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer says the team has "flexibility to add players," which was already proven evident in the team's attempt to acquire Dan Haren from the Los Angeles Angels in exchange for closer Carlos Marmol. Although the deal fell through, Hoyer won't stop there, adding that the team is looking for "pitching, pitching, pitching."

Meanwhile, White Sox general manager Rick Hahn is looking to make at least somewhat of a splash in his first offseason at the helm. Hahn doesn't have the resources to work with that Hoyer and the Cubs possess, but he vows to "make it work" in his quest for offensive help.

Hahn and Hoyer are currently attending the GM meetings in Indian Hills, Calif. Though they've been able to discuss trade proposals with the 28 other GMs, the real action will start at baseball's annual winter meetings in early December.