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Chicago Cubs will eventually make free agent splash -- just not this year

The Cubs may not land a big name free agent this offseason, but the day is coming when they'll try to add a big name to the young talent already in place.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Cubs are not likely to make a big move for a premier free agent this offseason, but according to CSNChicago's Patrick Mooney, the day is coming when they will. MLB's winter meetings take place at the beginning of December in Nashville, and it's there where many of the biggest free agent deals are worked out.

The Cubs will try to emulate the rise of the Washington Nationals, who were built by Chicago native Mike Rizzo. Rizzo says that bringing in a big free agent is key, like when they signed outfielder Jayson Werth:

"We weren’t good defensively. We didn’t run the bases well. We could hit a home run with you, but it didn’t help our good, young pitchers that were coming up. (So) we wanted to get more athletic, more high-energy."

The Cubs are in a very similar position to where the Nationals were back then, stocked with a couple talented young pieces, but without much veteran leadership. The Cubs may not make a move this offseason for a big name free agent, but the day that they do is coming.

One of the bigger free agents on the 2012 market has already found a new home. Former Rays outfielder B.J. Upton signed a five year, $75 million deal with the Atlanta Braves.