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Cubs hope to build off of rough season

The Chicago Cubs had a rough 2012 season, but the team will try to learn from the hard season's lessons and use them as motivation in the future

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Chicago Cubs had, by all measures, a miserable season in 2012. However, some members of the team will try to take some positives from the 101 loss campaign, and use them to help provide inspiration and motivation for the future. First baseman Anthony Rizzo is one of them:

"Hopefully everyone this winter learns (from what happened) and gets hungry," Rizzo said. "It should be motivation for everyone in here especially those who know they're going to have a job here next year. Hopefully everybody goes in the offseason working hard."

Manager Dale Sveum still has the full support of the team and management, despite disastrous results in his first year in Chicago. Alfonso Soriano went as far as to say that Sveum is "a great manager." That doesn't mean other changes won't be made to the team and staff, though. Third base coach Pat Listach has already been let go, and others should not be far behind.