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Cubs manager Dale Sveum focused on 2013

The Chicago Cubs had an extremely disappointing season, but they've always been building for the future, and they're looking forward rather than back.

David Banks - Getty Images

Since hiring Theo Epstein, the money line around the Chicago Cubs organization has been about patience. The team is building for the future, in hopes to contend sooner rather than later. But manager Dale Sveum knows that the fans are going to start demanding results soon and is focusing on 2013, according to CSN Chicago.

"People still have to understand that things don't happen overnight either. It's a gradual repair job as well."

As the story notes, the Cubs sold under three-million tickets for the first time since 2001, and at 61-101 on the season, the first year of the Theo Epstein administration is responsible for the club's third-worst finish in their history. There are so many losses and so many things they could dwell on, but everybody is moving forward instead of dwelling on what's happened.

Their next priority will be to win in 2013, and a lot more than they did this year. Judging by the way things are looking, they're still a couple years out from really contending, but as noted, the fans are going to get less and less patient. Still, a guy like Sveum in charge means that the Cubs will keep their eyes on the prize, even if they don't always deliver.