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Cubs to add more seats behind home plate

The Chicago Cubs are adding 56 premium seats behind home plate beginning in 2013.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

The Chicago Cubs are planning on moving the brick wall behind home plate up three feet this winter, in effort to add more premium box seats behind home plate.

Per the Chicago Tribune:

The Cubs plan to move the brick wall behind home plate at Wrigley Field out three feet to add 56 prime box seats in 2013.

The Cubs confirmed a report on the wall by Crain's Chicago Business. The team needs approval from the Chicago Landmarks Commission, which currently is reviewing the plans.

The seats will reportedly sell at face value for $200 or more.

The Cubs still need permission from the Chicago Landmarks Commission before they can go forward with the plans.

Wrigley Field's current capacity is 41,159. Chicago will be adding at least 56 more in 2013. Hopefully for the Cubs and Cubs fan, Chicago will have a more competitive product on the field -- especially if they're adding premium box seats.