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Chicago Cubs trying to deter scalpers

Desperate to slow down the burgeoning ticket scalping market for Cubs games, the team has informed a number of season-ticket holders that they will not be able to renew their tickets for 2013.

Jonathan Daniel

After a frustrating season filled with woeful attendance, the Chicago Cubs are finally starting to take a stand against the growing army of ticket scalpers according to a report by Jon Greenberg of

As many as 45 nonrenewal letters were sent out to specific season-ticket holders on Wednesday, effectively informing them they will no longer be able to renew their tickets for the upcoming 2013 campaign. Stated in the contract signed by all season-ticket holders before making their purchase, the organization owns the right to revoke any ticket license for any reason whatsoever.

Though the letter did not specifically state that scalping was the reason for the termination, it's clear the Cubs have made this decision to slow down the many independent brokers around the country who once had claim to handfuls of tickets around the park.

"We believe we have an opportunity to make sure our tickets are going to as many fans as possible," Cubs spokesman Julian Green said. "We understand this is tough news but frankly, we're in our rights to do so."

The Cubs are one of the first organizations to track ticket agents posing as regular fans, and the report also indicates that a handful of other teams around the league will be toying with a similar strategy in the near future. Even though anyone red-flagged as a scalper by the organization can still buy and sell single-game tickets, this is a bold move from an organization eager to turn things around.