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Chicago Cubs lower ticket prices for third straight season

After one of the worst seasons in club history, the Chicago Cubs are lowering ticket prices for 2013.

David Banks - Getty Images

For the third consecutive season, the Chicago Cubs have lowered ticket prices. The average price of a ticket for the 2013 season will be $44.61, down from the 2012 average of $46.30. That latter number was the third-highest in baseball.

The Cubs, of course, are coming off a disastrous 2012 season that saw the team win just 61 games. For the first time in eight seasons, the Cubs failed to draw a total of 3 million fans. Next season is expected to be another rebuilding year for the team, as the franchise cultivates a strong minor-league system.

The team is keeping their five-tiered ticketing system for the 2013 system, which breaks up the team's home games based on the opponent. That means that tickets for games against marquee teams may be higher than the team's stated average.

They will also expand the dynamic pricing structure for the entire stadium. The system, which was in place for just the bleachers in 2012, increases ticket prices per game based on demand.