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Cubs owner Tom Ricketts promises success to season ticket holders

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts promised in a letter to season ticket holders that success is on the horizon for the franchise.

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The Chicago Cubs just finished up a dismal 101-loss campaign, but owner Tom Ricketts promises fans that a long-awaited world series championship is not far off.

Ricketts penned a lengthy letter to season ticket holders with updates on the team's entire system, and he concluded the letter with the bold promise (via ESPN Chicago):

"In the end, we (Ricketts and his family) are fans and our goal is to win. We're committed to building a champion the right way. The franchise has imparted on a path that will present challenges along the way but the destination is promising."

Ricketts also admitted that it's tough to watch postseason play with the Cubs apparently so far away from competing for a title. The Cubs last reached the playoffs in 2008, and that postseason ended in disaster. The team has since struggled mightily, with the 101 losses this season just adding to the misery.

But many Cubs fans were expecting some pain this year, as new President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein set in motion a rebuilding plan that will likely take a few years to execute. The Cubs have acquired some promising prospects and will continue to pour resources back into the development of the franchise.

The whole process will simply require some patience.