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Cubs' Matt Garza praises manager Dale Sveum

Matt Garza believes Dale Sveum has the Chicago Cubs on the right track.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images

Chicago Cubs pitcher Matt Garza has a well documented history of being up front, and his honest style showed through recently when he told's Patrick Mooney he loves playing for manager Dave Sveum. And Garza made sure Sveum knew about his feelings during a close-door meeting on Saturday that featured Sveum offering feedback from his veteran players:

"We’re on the verge of 100 losses. I just told him last year we were close to .500 and I hated every day of my life coming in here. It was miserable.

"This year, I’m not even performing and I look forward to coming in. I said: You brought that back. Thank you.

"It’s huge for a guy like me. I like being here. Last year was a trying year, man, mentally. This year is a different type of mental fight. But I can actually enjoy this one."

On Monday, the Cubs (60-99) will begin a season-ending three-game series with the Houston Astros. Chicago will finish below the .500 mark for the fifth straight year. Despite the lack of wins, Garza believe Sveum has the Cubs headed in the right direction:

"Yeah, I played for some really good managers, you know, Gardenhire, Maddon and then Quade. I’ve been fortunate. To end up with a guy like Dale is awesome. Especially coming from the situation last year – and I’m not going to get into it – but it was awesome the way this thing turned out."