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Wrigley Field Renovations: Chicago Cubs Will Seek Approval From Landmarks Commission, If Necessary

The Chicago Cubs want to make some significant changes to the right field bleacher area at Wrigley Field -- changes that include new seating, a party patio and a new LED videoboard. Team officials may have to speak with the Commission on Chicago Landmarks about the proposed project.

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Certain features of the park, such as the iconic sign out front, have been designated as "historic elements" that require Landmarks Commission approval for any alterations. The Cubs do not believe this particular project requires such approval, but they are willing to cooperate in the interest of getting the project moving.

"It doesn’t affect any of the historic features. It does not change the bleacher height or the outfield wall. It’s a way to continue to modernize the park, but keep within the historic tradition of Wrigley Field," said Mike Lufrano, Cubs general counsel and executive vice-president of community affairs.

The potential meeting would be held in February.

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