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Theo Epstein Compensation Package: Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox Remain Unable To Agree On Deal

When Theo Epstein left Boston for Chicago, the teams agreed that the Red Sox would receive some sort of compensation from the Cubs; however, the clubs have not been able to agree on what constitutes fair compensation. During a radio show appearance on Thursday, Epstein said the two sides might need help in order to come to an agreement:

"[Red Sox GM] Ben [Cherington] and I have had five conversations with it in the last few months. We've gotten close, but we just haven't gotten it done. Maybe we will need some help to get it done. I want both sides to be happy if possible."

Epstein also talked about the lack of precedent for what he termed "major, major compensation," which is a hindrance to the process. The Red Sox reportedly want a top prospect from the Cubs.

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If the two sides do need help for a resolution, that would come from MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, which is an option that had been discussed earlier in the process.

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