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Carlos Zambrano Breaks Bat Over Knee; Drives Mike Quade To Awesome 'Seinfeld' Festivus Reference

In the midst of getting swept by  the Houston Astros -- AKA the worst team in the NL -- Carlos Zambrano broke a bat over his knee. Video following the jump.

This awesome act of awesomeness led to Cubs manager Mike Quade getting all awesomely reference-y.

When it's all said and done, he's going to have to control (his emotions). I'm just glad he was healthy and OK. It was somewhat impressive. Not necessarily to me, but I guess as far as 'feats of strength' go, it wasn't Kramer on Festivus."

Quade's reputation of being the coolest skipper this side of, well, anyone, began early this year when he was caught blasting Led Zeppelin in his office before Spring Training workouts and taking the Red Line to Opening Day. This simple, yet profound, nod to the greatest made-up TV holiday ever, cements his place as an awesome manager. If the Cubs could string some wins together, he may even be known as a good manager as well.

For the benefit of everyone, a recap of the origins and celebration of Festivus:


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